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M Y  O T H E R  B L O G S

Plan A is dead.   Mr Johnson, or rather his Svengali, Dominic Cummings’ ‘do or die’ election strategy is toast.   The plan, to prorogue Parliament and spend five weeks campaigning to leave the EU on 31st October without a deal was designed to see off the Brexit Party.   It is possible that Mr Cummings hoped that Parliament would deliver something like the Benn Act, mandating the government to seek a delay to Brexit in the event of failing to reach a deal with the EU.   This would have allowed the Tories to campaign during October on a ‘people verse Parliament’ manifesto.   An election campaign would have rendered any such Act null and void but Jeremy Corbyn, prevailed upon by wiser counsels, did not rise to the bait of a no confidence vote.   As he digests the Supreme Court’s devastating, unanimous judgment, Mr Johnson in his more lucid moments must realize he has been comprehensively hoisted by its own petard.  


It has been the shortest honeymoon for any Prime Minister.   In just nine short weeks Johnson’s carefully crafted image of political triumphalism has been reduced to one of political humiliation.   Having dragged the Queen into his deceitful abuse of power, the Court’s judgement should have been followed by his immediate resignation.   But Mr Johnson lacks both the standards and integrity expected of the Prime Minister.   He is revealed as despicable; incapable of apologising for his egregious behaviour and unscrupulously seeking to make out he is the victim.   Worse, he has plumbed new depths by deliberately and repeatedly using the language of enemies and war to describe those opposing his reckless approach to Brexit.   His calculated purpose is to stoke anger and divisions while shamefully claiming that his intemperate language has nothing to do with the rise of abuse and death threats to MPs.  



29th September 2019

Sean Rickard - Independent Economic Analysis