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A  C O M M O N  P R I G  W I T H O U T  H O N O U R  O R  G L O R Y ?




M Y  O T H E R  B L O G S

The Tory party has become a cult, gripped by a nostalgic obsession with a mythical past.   A significant majority of its members say they want a ‘no deal’ Brexit no matter the cost.   Many, it would appear, are earnestly hoping that the artful dodger is a game changer and once in power, deal or no-deal, his very presence will be sufficient to restore the UK to former glories.   Not all Tory MPs are Brexit zealots but I suspect they are lending him their support in the hope that with his surfeit of showmanship and guile he will force Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament.   And then, before there is any clarity as to what type of post Brexit deal might be negotiated, he calls and wins a snap election.


Dream on.   The reality is that Tory MPs, like smokers in a pre-war Shanghai opium den, are choosing oblivion rather than facing up to the facts.   The arrival of Mr Johnson will not alter Parliament’s opposition to ‘no deal.   It will not change the fact that the new Commission will only be confirmed on the 1st November.   And holidays, party conferences and parliamentary procedures make it impossible for Parliament to pass the Agreement by 31st October.   Such awkward facts are blithely swept aside by the zealots who have been consistently wrong in all their predictions regarding Brexit and in particular, on the unity, consistency and strengthen of the EU’s negotiating position.   The claim that matters will change dramatically in the next three months is an illusion.


28th June 2019

Sean Rickard - Independent Economic Analysis