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It was not meant to be like this.   The 2016 Leave campaigns assured the British people that leaving the EU would let them ‘take back control.’   The reality 30 months on is that the country is, yet again, dependent on the EU to help it extract itself from the quagmire the Tory party, in attempting to solve its internal divisions, has pitched it into.   It has been clear for many months that voters were grievously misled as to the economic consequences of Brexit and now we can add the threat Brexit poses to our political system with the morphing of broad based i.e. non-extremist, political parties into, populist, nationalistic divisive parties.   The Brexit party is an obvious exemplar but the Tory party is moving strongly in the same direction as is the Labour party albeit to a lesser extent.   In recent weeks the former has expelled and the latter deselected or forced out members holding centrist political views.


Further, contrary to the Leavers’ claim that Brexit would allow Parliament to ‘take back control’ this is not to be allowed if it threatens the interest of the Tory zealots.   Did anyone in their wildest dreams imagine a British Prime Minister being found to have acted unlawfully in proroguing Parliament in order to stifle debate on an issue of enormous consequences for the country?   Or a PM having obtained Parliamentary support for a second reading of his Withdrawal Bill refusing Parliament the opportunity for proper scrutiny?   It is deceitful and shameless for Mr Johnson and his zealot supporters to argue that he is acting to protect the democratic will of the people.   The 2016 referendum was, at best, a crude mockery of democracy.   Democracy is more than just casting a vote.   No plan, no clarity, just half-truths, if not downright lies, were fed to people by the Leave campaigns.   Did anyone think they were voting to reduce workers’ rights and environmental protection?   Did they foresee a customs border down the Irish Sea?   Were they prepared to risk a return of the ‘troubles’?   Did anyone believe they would ever witness a British PM denying Parliament its sovereign duty to scrutinize legislation?


26th October 2019

Sean Rickard - Independent Economic Analysis